Leading Companies Discuss Latest Advancements in Additive Manufacturing Technology

Albuquerque, New Mexico: In April, the University of North Texas hosted Optomec’s 2007 User Group Meeting at their facility in Denton, TX. Nearly half of Optomec’s North American system owners were in attendance including representatives from many marquee names in industry, academia and government. The meeting sponsors included Optomec partners Ferro Corporation (NYSE: FOE) and IPG Photonics (NASD: IPGP).

Dave Ramahi, President and CEO of Optomec states that “The 2007 User Group Meeting provided an excellent venue for Optomec system users to learn more about how LENS (Laser Engineered Net Shaping) and M3D Aerosol Jet Deposition systems are being used in new and innovative ways in different industries. This valuable interchange of ideas will enable our customers to derive additional benefits from their investment in Optomec solutions.”

This is the first time an Optomec User Group meeting has focused on additive manufacturing/repair technologies for both electronics (M3D) and high performance metal (LENS) applications. Presentation topics included; The Use of LENS Systems for Repair of Power Generation and Mining Equipment, and LENS for the Development of New Alloys. M3D -focused topics included Using M3D for Materials Development, M3D as a Maskless PEM and SOC Fuel Cell Direct Write Solution, and M3D as an Alternative for Printing Photovoltaic Wafers.

Optomec’s commercial LENS and M3D systems use breakthrough additive technologies to deliver cost-effective solutions for the development, production, and repair of a wide range of end-products. Today, LENS systems are fabricating and repairing high value metal components from aircraft engine parts to medical implants. At the micron scale, M3D is being used to produce high-density circuitry, photovoltaic and fuel cells, embedded components, and an array of biomedical devices.

Optomec is a privately held company founded in 1982, with corporate headquarters located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and an applications facility in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The company manages field sales offices throughout the United States, and a global network of distributors and agents. The next Optomec User Group meeting will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the spring of 2008.

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