Presentation to Highlight LENS Advanced Repair Capabilities for High-Value IBR/Blisks

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 17 March 2010: Optomec announced today that Dr. Richard Grylls, LENS (Laser Engineered Net Shaping) Product Manager for Optomec will give a presentation entitled “IBR/Blisk Repair by LENS Material Build-Up” at the Propulsion-Safety, and Affordable Readiness (PSAR) Conference in at the Marriott Sawgrass in Jacksonville, Florida on March 18th. Dr. Grylls’ presentation will describe recent advances in the LENS system equipment, controls and material capabilities as well as Optomec’s advancement in deploying this technology worldwide. Several case studies will be discussed, including examples of repair for compressor IBR/ blisks, titanium airfoils and vanes. Dr. Grylls will explain how the repair of high-value metal aerospace components is essential for maximizing part lifetime, reducing operating costs and helping maintain a high level of aircraft readiness.

The Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) repair system developed by Optomec is an additive manufacturing process that has been optimized for repair of aerospace components including IBR / blisks. With the use of a high power laser, process controls and complete environmental control, LENS systems can process many high-performance metals including titanium and nickel-base superalloys with the quality required for IBR/blisk repair. The LENS process can produce material properties that are comparable or better than the original material, particularly with Ti-6-4. Due to the nature of the process, a high degree of control and process capability is possible. Dr. Grylls’ presentation will describe recent work that has developed a repair process for a high-strength Ni-base superalloy. Particular attention will be paid to the microstructural evolution during processing and the control of the process to avoid defects. Advances in the LENS system equipment, controls and material capabilities will also be discussed. For more information on LENS systems, click here.

The goal of the PSAR conference is to highlight advanced technologies that will have significant impact on propulsion system safety and affordable readiness. The conference directly supports a new tri-service initiative to proactively ensure propulsion safety and affordable readiness through emerging sustainment technologies. Dr. Grylls states “The PSAR conference brings together stakeholders, end-users and technology providers in a forum where both big thinking and detailed analysis can coexist and thrive. PSAR enables me to understand the market dynamics and meet other technology providers.”

Optomec is the world-leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions for high-performance applications in the Electronics, Solar, Medical, and Aerospace & Defense markets. These systems utilize Optomec’s patented Aerosol Jet Printed Electronics technology and LENS powder-metal fabrication technology. The company has a global customer base of more than 100 users that includes many industry-leading manufacturers.