Optomec will Highlight Aerosol Jet Capabilities for 3D Interconnect and Conformal Printing

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 30 November 2011: Optomec announced today that Mike O’Reilly, Optomec Aerosol Jet Product Manager, will give a presentation titled “Aerosol Jet – 3D Interconnect and Conformal Applications” in the 3D Printed Electronics Track at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Conference. The conference will be held from November 30-December 1 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. Aerosol Jet Systems will be showcased in booth B-102. For detailed information on the conference go to: http://www.idtechex.com/printed-electronics-usa-11/pe.asp.

The IDTechEx Printed Electronics conference and tradeshow is the World’s largest on the topic and growing rapidly every year. The IDTechEx Printed Electronics tradeshow matches potential adopters with Printed Electronics solution providers. The conference program features a broad range of speakers from industry leaders in healthcare, packaging, advertising/media, military and more.

Mr. O’Reilly’s presentation will explain how Aerosol Jet systems are being used for 2D and 3D printing applications. He will also discuss how Aerosol Jet solutions enable conformal printing of high density 3D interconnects for multi-chip packages. Cost and functional advantages over Wire Bonding/TSV will also be highlighted. Mr. O’Reilly will discuss other Aerosol Jet System printing applications such as 3D interconnects for HB-LEDs, thin film conformal coating on 3D surfaces, printed sensors and antennae and more.

Optomec is the world-leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions for high-performance applications in the Electronics, Solar, Medical, and Aerospace & Defense markets. These systems utilize Optomec’s patented Aerosol Jet Printed Electronics technology and LENS powder-metal fabrication technology. The company has a global customer base of more than 100 users that includes many industry-leading manufacturers.