LENS Systems for Rapid Alloy Development and Aerosol Jet systems for Printed Electronics to be Highlighted

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 18 October 2011: Optomec announced today that the Company will showcase its Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) and Aerosol Jet Deposition systems at the MS&T (Materials Science and Technology) conference from October 16-20, 2011 at the Columbus Convention Center in Ohio. Optomec will be located in booth # 731.

This year’s MS&T Conference will feature an international program sponsored by the five leading materials engineering societies: ACerS, AIST, ASM, TMS and NACE. Attendees will have access to a comprehensive technical program that represents critical areas in materials science and engineering. The program spans materials activities that encompass fundamental research, technological innovations and solutions, and education, across a diverse set of topics including Biomaterial Technology, Ceramic and Glass Materials, Electronic and Magnetic Materials, Environmental and Energy Issues, and Fundamentals and Characterization.

Dr. Richard Grylls, LENS Product Manager for Optomec, will present on three different topics: 1) Initial Developments in Monitoring and Modeling of Laser Additive Manufacturing with Titanium; 2) Control and Monitoring of Laser Deposition Processes; and 3) Mechanical Property Design Using Laser Engineered Net Shaping. Dr. Grylls will also explain how the LENS MR-7 system has been specially designed for the material researcher to rapidly produce novel alloys and metallic devices with exceptional quality. It is an ideal system for materials research, rapid alloy discovery, process development, solidification and materials processing research.

Additionally, Mike O’Reilly, Aerosol Jet Product Manager will give a presentation titled “Aerosol Jet Material Deposition for High Resolution Printed Electronic Applications”. Mr. O’Reilly will explain how Aerosol Jet systems have the unique ability to produce a wide range of electronic, and biological patterns onto almost any substrate. The proprietary process, which is completely different from ink jet, utilizes aerodynamic focusing to precisely deliver fluid and nano-material formulations that as required can be optionally post-treated with a highly focused laser or other sintering methods. The resulting patterns can have features that are less than 10 microns wide, with layer thicknesses from 10’s of nanometers to several microns.

Optomec is the world-leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions for high-performance applications in the Electronics, Solar, Medical, and Aerospace & Defense markets. These systems utilize Optomec’s patented Aerosol Jet printed electronics technology and LENS powder-metal fabrication technology. The company has a global customer base of more than 100 users that includes many industry-leading manufacturers.