Dr. Brent Stucker, International Expert on Rapid Prototyping and Advanced Materials Featured Presenter

Albuquerque, New Mexico March 18, 2008: Optomec announced today that Dr. Brent Stucker and Dr. Richard Grylls will host a webinar on April 7, 2008 on “Accelerating R&D of Novel Alloys and New Metallic Devices with LENS”. The webinar will highlight real world application examples on how LENS technology is being utilized today in bio-medical, aerospace, defense, and power generation industries to speed product development. The webinar will also cover possible funding sources to procure your system. All attendees will receive a free CD “Acquiring Your Rapid Manufacturing System -Tool Kit” containing more application examples, technical papers, LENS process video clips, presentations, letters of support and more. The webinar will be held at 3 different times to accommodate world-wide attendance. To register for this event, please select the appropriate link below for your location:







About the Presenters:

Dr. Brent Stucker: Professor at Utah State University, international expert on rapid prototyping and advanced material fabrication, editor of the Rapid Prototyping Journal. Dr. Stucker has focused his research efforts on advanced manufacturing techniques and their applications, with particular focus on new materials development for biomedical implants and aerospace/satellite structures using Ultrasonic Consolidation and Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS).

Dr. Richard Grylls: Optomec LENS Product Manager, with over ten years experience in Rapid Manufacturing technologies. Dr. Grylls was one of the Principle Investigators on the NASA “Enabling Propulsion Materials” contract for developing next-generation turbine engine alloys and coating systems and on the Air Force “Metals Affordability Initiative” program for developing technologies to reduce cost of turbine engine materials.

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