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Optomec’s production solutions include software that spans the additive manufacturing process for both 3D printed electronics and 3D printed metals.

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Optomec offers industry proven software to enable all steps of the additive manufacturing process from CAD data preparation to build process quality control. This software toolset is easy to integrate into your workflow providing a seamless design to production solution that helps your company implement additive manufacturing technology faster and more efficiently.

Tool Path Generation
Tool path generation software translates the digital CAD model into a language machine tools understand and to enable the part to be built layer-by-layer. Tool paths can be generated in three (3), four (4) and five (5) axis based on the machine’s capabilities.

Process Simulation
Tool path simulation and kinematics software verifies machine tool movements before printing the part to assure complex surface geometries are correct and the building process doesn’t result in collisions with fixtures or tooling. The simulator also estimates build time and material usage to evaluate and optimize build strategies.

Digital Process Recipes
Optomec has assembled a library of software recipes that define the additive manufacturing processing parameters required to build and repair parts using specific materials and substrates. These recipes not only guide usage of the machines and materials but also ensure the quality and reliability of the printed part.

Process Control
Process Control software monitors and adjusts key process parameters in situ to ensure quality results from part to part, and machine to machine. Process Control software can also automatically manage more advanced additive manufacturing functions such as multi-material mixing to create blended or graded structures.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
The human machine interface software provides the operator with an easy to learn graphical user interface to control machine functions, diagnose operating issues, and simplify manual operations through wizards and macros.