HC-254 4-Axis Laser Cladding & Welding System

The REVOLUTION is a precision 4 Axis Laser Powder Fusion (LPF) Cladding and Laser Fusion Welding (LFW) JOINING machine.

Our lasers offer advanced machine tool design & construction backed by a 50 year history of innovation.

  • High Precision Cladding for Part Restoration
  • Process Reliability
  • Omni-Directional Cladding
  • Minimal Distortion or Stress (HAZ)
  • Reduced Finishing Time


Linear AxesX,Y,Z Axes64” x 14” x 14”1625 x 356 x 356
Resolution0.00010”0.001 mm
Accuracy± 0.0008”/ ft± 0.067 mm/m
Rotary AxesMax. Diameter20”508 mm
RotationContinuous0 – 3.3 rpm
Max. Part Weight275 lbs125 kg
Accuracy±20 arc seconds