HC-245ACC 5 Axis Laser Cladding & Welding System with Argon Containment Chamber

The HC-245 is a precision 5 Axis Laser Powder Fusion (LPF™) Cladding and Welding system for cladding a variety of Aero or IGT components.

The Argon Containment Chamber (ACC) is designed for welding oxygen sensitive or reactive materials such as Titanium.

A unique Manual Loading Station and an Antechamber (located at the back of the machine) facilitates loading and unloading of workpieces into the Argon Chamber for Laser Cladding or Welding.

 •  High Precision Cladding for Part Restoration

 •  Process Reliability

•  Omni-Directional Cladding

•  Minimal Distortion or Stress (HAZ)

•  Reduced Finishing Time

Linear AxesX,Y,Z Axes30″ x 18” x 20”762 x 457 x 508 mm
Accuracy± 0.0008”/ ft± 0.067 mm/m
Rotary AxesC Axis, Rotation±360°0 – 5.5 rpm
A Axis±180°0 – 3.3 rpm
Accuracy±20 arc seconds