VaneWARE™ is available in several versions that works with our MAVIS™ (Machine Application Visual Interface Software) in order to simplify grinding precision for the production of Turbine components.

This software creates a machine ready program to grind a radial or linear surface on an engine component.

Material is ground in the radial direction on the inside and outside engine surfaces.

Easy Set-Up & Optimization to manipulate grinding operations in any number of sequences.

Automatic Offset Verification can be set in order to prevent unauthorized offsets by a machine operator.

Flexible Offset Setting to quickly and easily “dial-in” part geometry.

Independent Feature Machining improves productivity by simplifying the setting for multiple operations

Automatic Clearance Setting automatically creates clearance moves from operation to operation

Interrupt Macro Function retracts the grinding wheel(s) away from the workpiece along the pre-programmed path during a malfunction

Reduced Programming needed to produce a complex part while simultaneously eliminating “Facets” on the surface.