Laser Cladding Applications

Huffman Systems are used in a range of repair applications for gas turbine engines

Huffman has developed a range of proven applications for repairing gas turbine engine components used in the Aviation and Electric Power Generation industries. These applications are based on metal “Powder Fed – Directed Energy Deposition technology,” an additive manufacturing process which utilizes an intense laser energy source to precisely restore and repair high value metal components. Huffman Production Repair Systems/Processes are Installed at all Leading GTE OEMs for applications including: Blisk Impeller Blade Tip Repair, Cladding of Compressor Vane Trailing Edge, Fan Blade Repair, “Z” Notch Hardfacing, Guide Vane ID and OD Restoration, HPT Vane Doublet Repair, CF6-50 Jet Engine Nozzle Guide Vane Repair among others.

Benefits of Huffman Repair Processes include:

  • Reduced Heat Affect Zone (HAZ) and Cracking
  • Minimized Base Metal Dilution

  • Reduced Base Metal Distortion

  • Reduced Base Metal Stress
  • Near Net Shape, Minimized Post-weld Machining/Blending