At this year’s Additive Manufacturing Conference held in Chicago, presenters shared their insights and experience on the industrial application of additive manufacturing technology. Optomec is featured on pages 34 and 42 for its LENS technology and its new LENS Machine Tool Series.


The Additive Manufacturing Conference, the annual gathering focused on industrial manufacturing applications of 3D printing technology, returned this year to the largest manufacturing event in North America, the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

That show is where the AM Conference originated. It began as a half-day workshop at IMTS just two years ago, expanding in scope the following year when it was held in Knoxville, Tennessee, in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This year’s conference was the most extensive so far. Nearly 500 manufacturing leaders from well-known OEMs in industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, power and consumer goods, as well as smaller firms serving these industries and others, all came to hear 20 speakers share their knowledge and experience of additive manufacturing in an informationpacked program that somehow fit into one and a half days. Recapping the conference is impossible. But in recognition of the value of the conference this year, Additive Manufacturing’s editors have tried to capture at least some of the information. On the pages to follow, here are samples of what all the AM2016 speakers had to say.

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