The Optomec Advantage

Additive Manufacturing Ingenuity Powered by Production Solutions.
Optomec printers offer unique advantages over traditional approaches to 3D printing. Most industrial 3D Printers on the market today print plastic parts used as a visual mock-up for the real end-user part. In some cases, 3D Printers will deposit sacrificial materials such as sand to build molds, which in turn are then used to build end products.

Advantage Of 3D Printing Technology

By contrast, Optomec printers directly print real end-user parts with materials such as structural metals, conductive metals, and other high value functional materials. Optomec printers are scalable for volume production applications such as printing 3D antennas used in smart phones or repairing metal components used in the aircraft industry. To Optomec, additive manufacturing means adding value in the production line by adding functional materials to any product. This means that Optomec 3D Printers are designed to work in harmony within existing production processes, allowing manufacturers to gracefully implement additive manufacturing technology within their factory.

The bottom line is Optomec delivers production grade 3D printers with a material difference. The benefits are compelling:

  • Lower overall production costs by reducing costs of materials and assembly
  • Streamline time-to-market for design and repair
  • Enable higher functionality products that are smaller and lighter weight
  • Produce superior structural performance and reliability
  • Increase design and manufacturing flexibility
  • Offer a full range of use models, from prototyping to repair/replacement to full production
  • Integrate within traditional production environments
  • Reduce environmental impact