The webinar will highlight real world application examples on how LENS 3D Printers are being utilized today in bio-medical, aerospace, defense, and power generation industries to speed development of new metal alloys and real end-use products. The presenters will include cost, time, and quality information of 3D printed metal components for a variety of applications across the product lifecycle.


Duration: 56 minutes

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About the Presenters:

Drs Richard Grylls and Brent Stucker
Dr. Brent Stucker is a Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Utah State University. His research is focused on advanced manufacturing techniques particularly on new materials development for bio-medical implants and aerospace structures using both the ultrasonic consolidation process and the LENS process. He is an editor of Rapid Prototyping Journal, authored over 80 technical papers, and presented at over 100 conferences.
Dr. Richard Grylls Dr. Grylls is the LENS Product Manager at Optomec. He was first involved with metal 3D Printing as a post-doc at Ohio State in 1997, where he was the first user of the newly-commercialized Optomec LENS system. Dr. Grylls holds a Ph.D. in metallurgy from The University of Birmingham, and a B.S. degree in Materials Science from the University of Oxford.