LENS Systems – 3D Printed Metals

Using directed energy deposition (DED) LENS systems cost-effectively repair, rework and manufacture high-performance metal components.

Optomec Inc. offers a full range of Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) additive manufacturing solutions for creating, enhancing and repairing metal components. LENS systems use directed energy deposition (DED), where high-powered lasers build structures layer by layer directly from powdered metals, alloys, ceramics or composites to produce fully-dense parts with excellent mechanical and fatigue properties. With decades of experience in DED, Optomec incorporates this expertise into its LENS metal additive manufacturing solutions, resulting in a high-speed, high-quality, affordable metal 3D printing process making complex metal parts easier, more precise, efficient and affordable to produce and repair.

DED Advantages

  • Reduced manufacturing and materials costs
  • Reduced process time
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved product performance
  • Advanced industrial production of small to large parts
  • Superior material properties. Micron-size HAZ-minimal to no distortion
  • Ability to process non-reactive and reactive metals

Optomec LENS Systems – Key Advantages

  • Over 20 years of DED processing.
  • Laser safe, atmosphere-controlled, robust multi-axis systems with additive or hybrid capabilities.
  • “Art to part”- user-friendly interface, advanced tool path generation from CAD files, familiar machinist G&M codes, advanced closed-loop software for process controlling.
  • Many systems and options to choose from for your specific industrial needs.