Materials Discovery

LENS technology helps researchers accelerate R&D and rapidly produce novel materials with exceptional quality.


It can take decades to develop a new material using conventional methods. Simulation techniques have advanced the state of the art, however material samples still need to be built and analyzed. Traditional manufacturing processes are costly, time-consuming and allow the researcher to evaluate just a single material chemistry at a time. Due to limited research funds, new fabrication techniques must be highly flexible to address a diverse set of research disciplines and industry applications. With LENS systems, material researchers have an ideal tool to address these needs. The LENS MR-7 System allows the materials researcher to rapidly produce novel materials with exceptional quality.

LENS building graded material structure (courtesy of Military University of Poland)


Sensors gather the data required to allow processing-property-microstructure relationships to be developed. New calibration systems
are now available to assist the researcher in quickly making new alloys, and four powder feeders can be used to make complex alloy combinations.



Accelerating R&D of Novel Alloys and Metallic Devices with LENS