Aerosol Jet Software

Comprehensive software, digital process recipes and support for a wide range of materials transform CAD designs from ideas to reality.

Tool Path Generation Software

  • Both 2D Gerber/DXF & 3D CAD/CAM based software tools for exporting toolpaths
  • Import neutral or native CAD formats
  • Import print geometry directly on part or create in CAM tool
  • Define line width and thickness
  • Produce 2, 3, 4, & 5 axis tool paths
  • Training and application support

Process Simulation

  • Collision detection
  • Multiple machine configurations
  • Optimize path
  • Print Time/Material Use Estimator

Aerosol Jet Digital Process Recipes

  • Printed material, substrate, & processing step specific
  • Specific feature size, electrical & adhesion performance
  • Fully automated, hands off
  • Optomec proven reliability and performance

Process Control

  • Monitor key process parameters
  • Automated process recipes create specific feature sizes
  • Consistent output and feature size repeatability
  • Scaling of features and thickness made easy

Human Machine Interface

  • Teach and learn, CAD import, embedded process controls
  • Easy setup and savable machine configurations
  • Windows based user interface
  • Embedded vision tools for alignment
  • Develop fully automated recipes