Aerosol Jet FLEX Systems

Enables Fine Feature Die/Chip Interconnects, Component Attach, Advanced R&D


The Aerosol Jet FLEX system is a scalable platform capable of addressing a wide array of 2, 2.5, and 3D printed applications requirements. The system comes equipped with an Optomec closely coupled print module ideally suited for high resolution printing of electronic circuits and devices for rapid prototyping, product development and printed material evaluation. The Aerosol Jet FLEX system comes with 3-axis of coordinated print motion. Optional add-ons include wide feature printheads; 1W, 830nm IR Laser; 340nm UV Cure solution; and a tilt & rotate trunnion making the system full 5-axis of coordinated motion capable.

Standard Features

  • Work area 350mm x 250mm x 200mm (x, y, z)
  • Motion Repeatability Accuracy +/-2 Microns
  • Interchangeable Closely Coupled Atomizers
  • Fine Feature Deposition Printhead with Integrated Divert Shutter
  • System and Process Control Software
  • Tool Path Generation Software
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet with Granite Table Top
  • CE

Optional Features

  • UV Cure Module
  • 1W, 830nm IR Laser
  • Interchangeable Wide Feature Deposition Printheads
  • Trunnion with 200mm x 300mm x 200mm work area (enables coordinated 5-axis of coordinated motion)


Advanced development platform specifically geared for printing electronics onto 2D and 2.5D surfaces. Ideally suited for process development, rapid prototyping and low volume production. Example applications include:

  • 3D Die and Chip Interconnects
  • Die and Component Attach
  • RF/EMI Shielding
  • Precision Underfill
  • Printed Sensors and Circuits for the Internet of Things
  • Low Volume Manufacturing

Print Capabilities

  • Fine Feature Sizes as small as 10 microns
  • Support for wide range of printable materials and substrates
  • Ink Viscosity Range from 1 to 500 cP
  • Optional Wide Feature Print Head supporting millimeter size features
  • In-situ Material Curing
  • Low Temperature Processing