Optomec Center of Excellence Program (COE) for Printed Metals and Printed Electronics

COEs are here to help you evaluate and integrate Additive Manufacturing into your business

Optomec Centers of Excellence (COEs) are partner research and production facilities with expertise in Optomec DED technology.  COEs assist in the development of AM processes to help the broader industry adopt AM in research and production applications. Over the last decade, COEs have helped scores of companies investigate and implement AM processes into their operations.

COEs can assist with product demonstrations, proof-of-concept samples, material selection, testing and process recipe development.

Not ready to purchase an Optomec AM system, but would like to investigate AM technology?

Optomec COEs can help. If you have a project requiring Aerosol Jet or Directed Energy Deposition technology and are not quite ready to purchase a system, Optomec can refer you to one of our COEs for a system demonstration or a quotation on a specific research proposal. Please contact Optomec for more details.

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COEs for 3D Metals




Tech. Focus

Georgia TechUSAHigh-volume deposition
Navajo Tech UniversityUSAColumn 3 Value 2
University of Nebraska LincolnUSAColumn 3 Value 3
University of WaterlooCanadaColumn 3 Value 4
Boise State UniversityUSAColumn 3 Value 5
University of North TexasUSAColumn 3 Value 6
Penn State UniversityUSAColumn 3 Value 7
Dalhousie UniversityCanadaColumn 3 Value 8
Connecticut Center for Advanced ManufacturingUSAColumn 3 Value 9