LENS Software – From Art to Part

LENS software saves time and speeds the development of new additive manufacturing applications.

LENS Tool Path Generation Software

  • Import neutral or native cad formats
  • Develop additive or hybrid build strategies
  • Define layer slice and processing parameters
  • Produce 3, 4, and 5 axis tool paths
  • Training and application support

LENS Process Simulation

  • Build time estimator
  • Additive & subtractive simulation
  • Collission detection

LENS Digital Process Recipes

  • Material and geometry specific
  • Application specific; build, repair, coating
  • Proven key process parameters
  • Mechanical properties independently validated

LENS Process Control

  • Blend and Grade Powders
  • Monitor key process parameters
  • Closed loop controls
  • Part to part quality
  • Data logging for part pedigree

LENS Human Machine Interface

  • G & M code programming
  • Siemens push button controls
  • Windows pc for graphics display