LENS CS 1500 Systems

With a large work envelop and 5-axis motion control, the LENS 1500 is used to repair and fabricate high-value, large metal components.


Standard Features

  • Hermetically Sealed Class 1 Laser Enclosure
  • 900 x 1500 x 900mm Process Work Envelope
  • Siemens 840D 5 Axis Control System
  • XYZ gantry + tilt-rotate table
  • Integrated Gas Purification System
  • Integrated Dual Powder Feeders
  • 1kW IPG Fiber Laser

Optional Features

  • Optional Closed-Loop Control System
  • Optional Deep Repair Deposition Head
  • Laser and Chiller upgrade to 3kW


  • Complete Atmosphere Control – full protection for highest quality
  • Direct from CAD to part – no tooling required
  • Superior material properties – full functionality
  • Near-net-shape build or repair – minimal finishing
  • Single-step process – reduced time and cost
  • Low heat input – low distortion and heat-affected-zone
  • Closed loop for precision deposition control
  • High efficiency lasers for reduced cost of ownership


Specially configured system designed for the repair or fabrication of high value large metal components used in the Aerospace and Defense industries. Example applications include:

  • Repair or fabrication of components for aerospace and defense applications
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Advanced Product Development